Test suite


ICO package comes with extensive automated test suite for smart contracts.

About Populus

Populus is a tool for the Ethereum blockchain and smart contract management. The project uses Populus internally. Populus is a Python based suite for

  • Running arbitrary Ethereum chains (mainnet, testnet, private testnet)
  • Running test suites against Solidity smart contracts

Running tests

Install first as given in the instructions.

Running tests using tox

export SOLC_BINARY=$(pwd)/script/travis-dockerized-solc.sh export SOLC_VERSION=0.4.18 tox

If solc fails, create a local virtual environment and test populus command locally:

populus compile

Reasons could include: Docker not running.

Running tests in the current virtual environemtn:

py.test tests

Run a specific test:

py.test tests -k test_get_price_tiers


Seeing how it looks like inside Dockerized solc environment:

docker run -it -v `pwd`:`pwd` -v `pwd`/zeppelin:`pwd`/zeppelin -w `pwd` --entrypoint /bin/sh ethereum/solc:$SOLC_VERSION

This lands you to in shell in Docker mounted volume.