Importing raw keys

You often need need to work with raw private keys. To import a raw private key to geth you can do from console:

web3.personal.importRawKey("<Private Key>","<New Password>")

Private key must be without 0x prefixed hex format.

More information

Flattening source code for verification

Here is a snippet that will expand the source code of all contracts for the generated build/contracts.json file and embed the source inside the file. This will allow easier verification (reproducible builds) when using ABI data.

You can run from Python shell:

import populus
import json
from ico.importexpand import expand_contract_imports

p = populus.Project()
data = json.load(open("build/contracts.json", "rt"))
for contract in data.values():

    # This was a source code file for an abstract contract
    if not contract["metadata"]:

    targets = contract["metadata"]["settings"]["compilationTarget"]

    contract_file = list(targets.keys())[0]  # "contracts/AMLToken.sol": "AMLToken"

    # Eliminate base path, as this will be set by expand_contract_imports
    if "zeppelin/" not in contract_file:
        contract_file = contract_file.replace("contracts/", "")
        # contract_file = contract_file.replace("zeppelin/", "zeppelin/contracts/")

    source, imports = expand_contract_imports(p, contract_file)
    contract["source"] = source

# Write out expanded ABI data
json.dump(data, open("build/contracts-flattened.json", "wt"))